Piedmont Ghost Hunters


Davie County Point Road Church

Date: April 25, 2008
Church & Cemetery established 1874, last used in 1999
the address is 101 point rd Mocksville NC 27028
Notes we Took:
Looks creepy, strange smell around church, cold spots in cemetery around the welcome to the Cemetery sign. The spirits seemed shy because they would never come close to us.
Some sighting info: Seen shadows moving all around us when in the
1. sound of creek flowing in left side of the graveyard near fencetheir was no creek around
2. Sounds of someone cracking branches in the woods numerous times
3. sounds of someone walking through the grass always right behind us
4. rocks being thrown and hitting the ground and backside of the church
5. Sounds of people walking on the gravel up at the church when we were in the graveyard
Smells and odors:
Old musty smell around church and cemetery
Temperature Anomalies:
numerous cold spots by the back of the church and in the cemetery
Emf Anomalies:
1.fluctuation of 3.4 near rear bumper of van tried to trace it but couldn't,t find the source
2. Near rear of church fluctuation of 3.2
My team and i find this to be a highly active place and this would be and excellent place to go if you were training people. if i had to call this place Haunted or Not Haunted i would say that this place is defiantly haunted


Evps: This is electronic Voice Phenomenon(Voice that get picked up by adigitalvoice recorder that were not present during the time of the recording)

Old Salem

Date: May 9, 2008 and May 10, 2008

we would like to thank Tonya from Winston-Salem Paranormal Society for her tour of Old Salem


Old Salem is a living history museum that operates within the restored Moravian community of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The non-profit organization named Old Salem began its work in earnest in 1950. As the Old Salem Historic District, it was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1966. Ownership of the buildings and land is divided among Old Salem, Inc., Wachovia Historical Society, Salem College, and the Moravian Church.

The location is downtown Winston-Salem

Sighting info: 1st day none
2nd day near Robah Grays grave saw a shadow move from left to right aross the path then near the same place i saw white mist appear and then dissapear

Sounds: 1st day none
2nd day: when aroud Robah Gray's grave we asked for a sign of your presence and something fell out of the tree right beside his grave

Smells and odors: 1st day none none
2nd day none

Temperature Anomalies: 1st day drops of about 7 degrees in some areas 2nd day termperature drop of 12 degrees in old church yard

EMF Readings: the whole place reads about a 2.0 on average

Notes: when looking into the old church yard we felt a terrible felling that made us not want to stay long


http://img225.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img1752iz9.jpg look in the bottom left hand corner window


http://img225.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img1818ax7.jpg look in the right hand window

here is a brigtened up pic of the one abovehttp://img187.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img1818el5.jpg

if you cant see any of these pics lighten up the screen before you look at them agian

EVPs: This is Electronic Voice Phenomenon(Voice that gets picked up by adigitalvoice recorder that were not present during the time of the recording)

Payne/Edwards Road

Basic Info:

Location:Payne/Edwards road, Stokes County, NC 27019

comments:this place is dark I mean pitch black

History/Site Description

This road has been something of an urban legend for several generations to the local citizens.  However, as with most urban legends there is some truth to many of the stories. First, a description of the location.  The road itself remains fairly straight for quite a distance and is obviously still inhabited until you reach the Forsyth/Stokes county line.  After that, the road becomes considerably less well cared for and extremely curvy. This area is so spooky that even at this point in the road- still quite a distance from the actual site of the paranormal activity-you can feel the tension and dread in the air.  Upon our team member Stacy’s first visit to the area, she “felt” the uneasiness seconds before I announced that we had reached the spot where the atmosphere seems to palpably change.  This was uncanny in that Stacy was a complete skeptic about the road after hearing the numerous stories over the years.  These things do not bother her typically. She is very level headed and it takes a lot to disturb her as Payne Road did.  Some of our other investigators have been so bothered that they refuse to go back to the road to this day.


As you drive through numerous very sharp twists and turns, there are a number of shacks along side the road, now overgrown with weeds.  According to one particular legend of the area these were once slave shacks; however that has not been confirmed.  In addition, there are a few houses with rusted cars out front that appear to have been abandoned suddenly.  It was as if the tenants just got up and left one day without worry of their material possessions.  Finally, a mile or so down you reach the final almost 90-degree turn.  To your left is the foundation of an old farmhouse, which burned years ago supposedly due to the misconduct of teenagers who chose this as a party site.  This, however, has also not been confirmed. To the right are numerous barns, typical farm buildings, etc. After you pass the foundation and follow the road around you will pass over what was once a bridge over a creek, which runs behind the ruins of the original house.  It is now just a paved over pass and you can barely tell there was ever a need for an actual bridge here.


We have on one occasion spoken to the local sheriff who confirmed at least one murder – that of a woman which occurred in the house, followed by the suicide elsewhere of her killer. In addition, from other sources we have learned that 16 suicides were committed in or near the vicinity of the house, as well as at least 5 other murders, drownings and hangings.


Also, another odd thing to mention is that virtually every time a team member has visited the area, they seem to be almost chased out by mysterious cars and trucks that seem to come out of nowhere.  These vehicles quickly advance on you from behind and follow you all the way out of the area, disappearing again before you reach the end of the road in a more populated area.  I would think this was a coincidence, but it has happened every single time either I or other team members have visited the area.  The last time I was there, when a truck began tailing us we stopped at a public cemetery just to get off of the road since he/she was following so closely.  After we parked, I looked behind us just a few moments later to discover two gentlemen parked in a completely different car some feet away staring at us. We promptly started the engine and left the area quickly. 

this info comes from: http://www.eerieinvestigations.org/eerie_investigations_030.htm

Notes: we will be making return visits

First Visit:

Sighting info: None

Sounds: some people had claimed to hear twigs snaping in the woods

Smells and odors: old musty smell in most of the houses

Temperature anomalies: the air felt hot and heavy inside the houses even though the windows were busted out

EMF readings: none

Motion Sensor activity: none

EVP activity: didn't do any




pay no attention to the window look in the upper left hand corner http://img118.imageshack.us/my.php?image=isg4zj2.png